2022 Best Schools in Connecticut

2022 Best Schools in Connecticut - Investigate the best schools in your space in view of thorough examination of key measurements and a great many surveys from understudies and guardians utilizing information from the U.S. Branch of Education. Peruse more on how this positioning was determined.

The Hotchkiss School

What happens while you unite 623 understudies from around the world who are committed to being their best?

You get instruction that is developed by human association. The magnificence of an all inclusive school is its vivid nature — understudies learn with one another in class, yet from one another over the course of the day. In the homeroom, in the residences, and on the athletic fields, our workforce give an excellent, deliberate emotionally supportive network, directing the understudies in their consideration as they develop mentally, socially, and inwardly. At Hotchkiss, 96% of our understudies live nearby and share their day to day routines together, bringing their own assets, abilities, and perspectives, and regarding each other's disparities.

The Hotchkiss School is a comprehensive and strong making the most of every situation local area where understudies experience remarkable scholastic arrangement and extraordinary open doors that motivate a more prominent comprehension of themselves, others, and the world.

Choate Rosemary Hall

Choate Rosemary Hall is a first class, private, life experience school situated in WALLINGFORD, CT. It has 868 understudies in grades 9-12 with an understudy educator proportion of 7 to 1. Educational cost is $62,960 for the most noteworthy grade advertised. After graduation, 100 percent of understudies from this school proceed to go to a 4-year school.


The Loomis Chaffee School

Loomis Chaffee's main goal is to move in the entirety of our understudies a pledge to the best self and the benefit of everyone. Our refined staff consolidate a thorough scholarly educational plan and exceptional sports, expressions, and co-curricular projects with an attention on showing you how to be a powerful and drawn in resident. We realize understudies need to have a beneficial outcome on the planet — they need to tackle issues of all shapes and sizes, and they need to do it now. We give you the open doors and devices — through our Pearse Hub for Innovation (PHI), Alvord Center for Global and Environmental Studies, Norton Family Center for a long term benefit, research programs in science and the humanities, and autonomous review projects — to take your learning and put it to quick great use. Anything your inclinations might be, you will be praised for what your identity is and who you need to turn into. You likewise will have some good times and make deep rooted companions. Visit Loomis on the web and face to face to find out more; we anticipate meeting you.


Hopkins School

Hopkins has, throughout over 360 years, advanced into a lively center point of scholarly interest. Here, successful, spurred understudies assemble in an aggregate quest for greatness.

If it's not too much trouble, investigate the Hopkins site to find out about our educational plan, workforce, understudies and workmanship, athletic and extracurricular quests for our local area.

If it's not too much trouble, visit our Virtual Admission Center at www.hopkins.edu to dive more deeply into every one of the manners in which you can draw in, both face to face and basically, with our Admission Team, staff and understudies in the approaching year.

We anticipate working with you!

Add: 986 FOREST RD NEW HAVEN, CT 06515

Kent School

Effortlessness of Life. Explicitness of Purpose. Confidence. Established in 1906 by an Episcopalian priest, Kent School's main goal is to teach understudies mentally, socially, morally, and profoundly so they will be ready to add to the benefit of all on the planet past Kent.


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